Session 3 Revisiting Things for the Second Time

I have made a pdf of the text and images form last weeks session. Take time to read back through it as the idea of media makers engaged in “Revisiting things for the Second Time” is important for understanding the approach to the experimental in this module.

Session 3 PDF

I refer during the session to a number of examples of work form key filmmakers and other visual artists.

The links to these works are in order below:

Audio by Martha Rossler talking about her Bowery work. She talks interestingly about the forms of Documentary Photography and the inadequate nature of snap shots of people who are portrayed in a way that try’s to extract humanist empathy. Martha Rossler’s work is an attack on Humanist Documentary. It explores that lack of entitlement of the people portrayed by people doing the portraying and looking in a gallery space who are entitled.

Jean Rouch in his work also takes account of the role of the looker and the lookers impact on the looked at. His film collaboration with Edgar Morin and the participants of Chronicle of a Summer was very influential on a range of experimental makers.

Clips from Chronicle of a Summer 1961 Paris.

Filmmakers heavily influenced and who worked and discussed working approaches with Jean Rouch were, amongst many others; Chris Marker, Jean Luc Godard

Clip from Chris Marker’s La Jette and Sunless:

La Jette (Uses mostly still images and montage for narrative)


Jean Luc Godard:

“Dans le Noir du Temps”

Histoire(s) Du Cinema


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