Hand In Date Online 4th April 2014

The system (solar) has the hand in date set at 4th April 2014.

On that day you need to hand in your blog address as well as the links to all your exercise videos and your final piece.

I am around on the 6th of March for tutorials and practical help. On the 20th March I am booking out ETG05 from 10am to 1pm for people to experiment with and project their pieces within the space.


Hand In Date Last Workshop Session

The last workshop session is Thursday March 6th. This is the last session where I will be able to practically help you with your piece and give you constructive feedback.

The hand in date is a week later on Thursday 13th of March before 5pm. All you need do is give your video address online, vimeo or Youtube, and your blog address for 263mc through “Turn it In”.