Sessions 27th Feb 6th March

Video Mapping:

Speed of Light / aka / The World’s Tiniest Police Chase from The Theory on Vimeo.

These two sessions will focus on your own production of your experimental piece.

For Feb 27th Group 2 will be first in the basement room for me to speak with them and comment on their progress. From 10am until 11.30am.
Group 1 will see me from 11.40 until 1.10pm

On the 6th of March you will present your work so far beginning with Group 1 in the basement from 9.30am until 11.30am.
Group two from 11.40am to 1.40pm

I will be asking you to show me progress on your moving image piece and your blog documenting its development. I will give you feedback over the next two sessions so that you are clear before submitting the range mark you will achieve.

Some of you are considering doing a projected, interactive piece, that will work in a defined space. These pieces can be shown in ETGO5 on 20th of March from 10am until 1.